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Technology has made the world a global village. Technological advancements have shaped the culture of masturbation. As a regular visitor of the internet, you may have come across everything else that is available on the web. Are you intrigued by the idea of meeting something entirely new that has been hiding in plain sight all along? Live cam sites have been on the existence for quite a while. At JerkMate, we have introduced an online platform to help satisfy your innermost sexual fantasies.
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What Is JerkMate?

JerkMate is a social media website for consenting adults seeking private company while masturbating. Camgirls at Jerkmate are exceptionally horny and on standby waiting for the right jerking partner. Our models deliver the best of intimate masturbation that you have ever experienced. You need a webcam to initiate a session where you get to jerk off at the same instant while edging and rousing each other until you reach orgasm with your new-found jerking off partner.

Why Should You Choose JerkMate?

There are several live cam sites in the market to choose from. Below are some reasons that make JerkMate stand out amongst all others.

You Choose From a Variety of Models Available Online

Tastes and preferences change from one person to another. What happens when you are unable to get the babe of your dreams? Jerkmate has a wide range of models for you to make a selection from. As per your preferences, at JerkMate, you can masturbate in the presence of a man, woman, Latina, or black. Sexy Milfs, housewives and gay horny couples are also available at Jerkmate to give you a great live masturbation experience.

Live Masturbation Is Available 24/7

At what time do you enjoy going online to enjoy explicit adult content? Are you assured of a live company in the other live cam sites? Unlike most live cam and porn sites, Jerkmate is never short of horny models online. At any time of the day or day of the week, JerkMate models cam girls are always online and waiting to initiate the live masturbation session. Hundreds of sexy Camgirls and horny couples are always available online.

JerkMate Values Privacy

Before you start the live jerking off session, you are required to sign up and create a free account. By creating your free account, you must have read and accepted our terms and conditions which include a non-disclosure agreement. The JerkMate user account is all private allowing no third parties access to your information. Furthermore, all the sessions are private and confidential. Whatever happens during the live sessions remains between the cam girls and the clients.

You Can Get a JerkMate

All men and women that join are mainly seeking to satisfy the need of having a live masturbation partner. With thousands of new members signing up every week, you are assured of means to satisfy your desires. You may settle for a single online partner.
Alternatively, you may opt for the playboy option of seeking a new cam girl for every new jerking off session. You may choose a single partner or a couple of your choice. JerkMate allows you to have a private chat with the camgirl you prefer as your jerking off partner.

Masturbation Is Better When You Have a Live Audience

A constant claim has been made by regular masturbators that live masturbation is better than solo masturbation. JerkMate brings the best experience to its clients by providing a great online company. JerkMate allows you to access the babe of your dreams from miles away using only your webcam and online account. We believe that you have never truly masturbated until you have masturbated in the LIVE presence of the babe of your dreams.

How Do You Join JerkMate?

On, there is a prompt on the right hand leading you to the point where you can create your private member account. Joining is free for all. is essentially a social media website that is connecting adults that are ready to explore sexuality. The entire process of creating your account is straightforward and takes less than five minutes to complete in case you have a strong and stable network connection.

JerkMate is based on a unique and straightforward idea that people are always craving online attention. allows one access a wide range of potential cam partners. To have the best experience on JerkMate, you should take your time and get a like-minded partner. A partner with whom you share most ideologies will not subject you to endless questions, unfair judgments, or discrimination. With the right online partner, you can both take pleasure in the fetishes and sexual activities that turn you both on.